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MCurtis 11-19-2019 09:07 AM

Zues 19.4 Not Scanning all Modules
as the title says, apparently the Shops Zeus has not been able to do a Full System Scan like it has before and I guess this all started on Monday... Our Shop has the Data Package and it is always hooked up to the Internet, so I know is fully updated...

I do not use the scanner since I own my own Apollo D8 and Pico Scope, but I looked at a bunch of settings and I do not see anything not set up properly...

I wonder if anyone else ran into this and what they did to fix... I will be doing a full system shut down and reboot as soon as I am done writing this..

Michael Curtis
AAA Dan Rs Auto

tech25 11-19-2019 01:13 PM

not sure, but the apollo and pico scope is the much better option if you ask me vs the zeus.

GypsyR 11-20-2019 02:45 PM

I use the Zeus about every day and ours is also on constant update. I haven't seen this issue except as always when certain modules are just offline. That said. we are a smaller multiline shop so I very well may not be seeing the same vehicles that yours is having issues with.

Also there's some completely other equipment that has absolutely nothing to do with your question that ...:rolleyes:

Glide 11-21-2019 09:45 AM

Some vehicles don't have the full system scan as an option.Just this morning I worked on a 03 Buick Rendezvous and had to scan each system separately.
Your Apollo has the same scanner functions as a Zeus,if you see this issue again,try the Apollo.

Crusty 11-21-2019 04:56 PM

What year/make/model are you having the All-Module-Scan problem with-??
Since at least 2001, (and earlier) GM has had the ability in the Tech-II to check for all modules and report if codes are stored or not.
Sadly, the SnapOn scanners do not support this feature on a great many vehicles, even though the vehicles ARE capable of reporting this information.
SnapOn have been very reluctant to fix this issue in the past. They apparently don't think an All-Module-Scan is important enough on older vehicles.
It is very well known that a problem in one area can cause a cascade effect and cause issues with other systems. This is not limited to just GM vehicles either.
Not enough people complained about it I guess.

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