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I removed the left front valve cover (not to bad looking inside )and verified that the #1 intake valve was not being opened I took the rocker off and verified the push rod was straight. I put the push rod back in place and shot some carburetor cleaner down the pushrod to the top of lifter with the straw of the spray can and let it soak awhile while I changed the oil pressure sensor and filter screen (only a little gunk was at the bottom half of the screen. I took the #1 intake push rod out and put the valve cover back on , disconnected #1 fuel injector drained off a little engine oil and added a quart of synthetic transmission fluid and ran the engine till hot and changed the oil and filter with fresh 5W -30 full synthetic oil and ran it hot again (#1 fuel injector is still unplugged the whole time). I pull the valve cover and install The #1 pushrod and rocker arm and put the valve cover back on (but leave #1 injector still unplugged) I go to crank over the engine and it is hydro locked. I pull #1 plug and pressure releases and gasoline comes out, I put the plug back in and the engine starts up but still missing. Still Need to make sure I'm not getting fuel pressure leak down from #1 injector. Just figured there was a puddle of gas accumulated from when the injector was working behind a non opening intake valve ,and when I torqued down the rocker, the valve opened a little and the puddle of fuel ran in the cylinder .
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