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Originally Posted by Joe Rappa View Post
There are some folks that are VERY accomplished when it comes to analyzing vacuum waveforms from the intake and pressure waveforms from the exhaust. If it's a mechanical problem with the engine(and you're looking for sticking valves), you can certainly see waveform changes if you do those measurements. I've got a friend that swears by the Sen X First Look.

Good point Joe. I've been so used to hooking up vacuum gauges to see how the engine is breathing that it's second nature and I had forgotten to even mention it. Fundamentally the valves dictate how the engine breathes.
It is getting harder and harder to access a vacuum source on todays' engines but worth the effort.
Diesel engines don't need the spark plug to complete the combustion so I can certainly see where the pressure transducer in place of the glow plug would work just fine. It eliminates a very necessary part of the entire cycle in a gasoline application though.

Question; does the First Look system have a quick and easy way to measure both the air entering the engine (via air in the intake duct, OR, the vacuum) and the exhaust out at the same time, and then graph the two well on a scope screen-??
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