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Fuel rail pressure is holding fine and noid light pulses normally when plugged into injector connector, so nothing to indicate excessive fueling or leaking fuel injector. Engine runs quiet with no tapping Can't see any movement of the #1 intake rocker arm though to open the intake valve ,so the fuel is puddling up inside the intake so if you get a dead miss on any of those 4 cylinders with the 8 DOD lifters you might want to unplug the fuel injector of misfiring cylinder immediately to reduce possible ring damage from cylinder wash. Tomorrow I will pull the intake and valley cover and try to see if I can see the cam lobes. Cant imagine I should need a new cam unless the roller on the lifter failed. Cylinder leakage past rings on #1 seemed reduced after the oil change and running it with the fuel injector disconnected for awhile. Think the cylinder had just got washed from the fuel. Hope the cylinder wall looks ok and the piston comes up as high as the others at TDC.
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